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About concrete mixing plant equipment installation steps

Elite Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

(1) installation of finished material belt conveyor

Will finished material tape conveying machine from folding bent at expand, will Hou framework put in its based Shang, connection good before and after framework, again will Qian, and Hou support leg and conveying machine connection good, oblique support and machine frame Shang of hanging ear connection good, then will conveying machine Qian Department hanging up, connection good before and after support leg and oblique support, last will before and after support leg of anchor bolt tight solid.

(2) mixers and powder materials dosing systems installation

Lift master rack, on its Foundation, its anchor bolt.

(3) the mixing plant products storage hopper installation

Finished products storage hopper lift legs up, platform, ladder and finished material storage hopper connected.

(4) installation of concrete batching machine

Lifting concrete batching machine in them based on board plugged in will be raised up and the Plugboard connections on both sides, and then commenced to the aggregate conveyors, front and rear racks are connected to make roller alignment Center mixer head cover hole, and finally the anchor bolt.