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Color water-permeable concrete of concrete materials

Elite Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

Ecological porous concrete-colored porous concrete porous concrete

Pervious concrete can increase the waterproof breathable area of the city to enhance heat exchange with the underground water, absorbs the road in the summer heat, increased soil moisture under the gap release, regulating urban local environment and reduce the surface temperature, mitigate urban heat island effect. Practical

Skid road, no water retention, night reflections, noise, reducing dirt roads.

High bearing capacity

Pervious concrete pressure resistance, frost resistance, bending and normal concrete, as identified by the State building materials test center of pervious concrete bearing capacity standard C25 concrete bearing capacity can be achieved.   Compressive strength of 20-25MP a, 3.0-5.5 ≥ MPa flexural strength. High permeability