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Concrete batching plant model and price guide

Elite Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

Henan province to thank users for the attention and support of marine machinery and analysis of concrete mixing station for everyone today models and price points of purchase. Productivity model the main difference concrete, to concrete mixing station that corresponds to the price are not the same, productivity, the higher prices are correspondingly higher. Following analysis of concrete mixing station in several ways models and price points of shopping skills.

1, according to the construction performance of concrete marking selection

As to select what kind of mixer. Such as water projects should use compulsory concrete mixer. In addition, material selection should be based on mixed concrete batching station and storage silos.

Account classes required in the booth operator tasks corresponding to explain carefully on both sides; production obligations and concrete quality; equipment operation status and matters needing attention; find running records can exactly perfect; check random things completely. Accountable personnel carefully fill out the running record. Account class in the process, find the problem to find out why, assist in the disposal of, serious problems should be reported to the authorities. Produced after the downtime before immediate thorough cleansing blend of the remnants of concrete, stopping after every operation switch on the circuit breaker status and close the power switch.