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Gravel hopper fully enclosed cutting concrete mixing plant dust pollution

Elite Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

Environmental protection has become an important subject in today's urban economic development process, development of ready-mixed concrete mixing station is a major objective of reducing pollution, good for the environment. Construction of modern concrete mixing stations must be given full attention.

Open gravel has always been concrete mixing station of a major source of pollution. To solve this problem, concrete mixing station using the enclosed sand bin scheme, built the span of 46m, 51m, vault high 7m, reserve 6000m3 dual arch colour steel plate closed silo. It's built not only greatly reduces dust and noise pollution, environmental indicators have reached level 2 standard, and moisture content of aggregate by weather to minimize the impact of the minimum settlement construction during the winter due to the impact of sand block of frost on commercial concrete quality, save labor. Because the yard closed after the heat also reduces the winter construction of mixing water heating costs, saves the energy consumption.

Overall closed mixed, mixer and cement silos, cement scale installed filter not only reduces the noise and dust pollution, and insulation effect on the host, but also beautiful, establish a good corporate image.