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Js1000 mixer repair should handle a few things

Elite Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

Source: network time: 2016-3-13 1:35

Concrete mixer in use every day a long time, both in production and maintenance, maintenance and other things, also take into account the shift person, related to those things, only deal with this stuff, can achieve efficiencies and savings.

Shift needs to do these things: oil in each class distinction between oil and air storage tank emissions 1, reflecting on the Lubricator will the normal fuel. Reflect on the gear box will the oil spill, there is no abnormal sound. Reflect on the brakes will activate and reliable. Clean the mixing parts of slurry, ash. Cleaned in a stirred tank and machine the surface of dust, concrete and oil adhering to prevent dry concrete, keep it clean.

Always check the aggregate hoist rope wear and, if necessary, updated. Check the arc, scales and other reciprocating actuator is flexible, aggregate lifting mechanism is working properly, fastening parts have no loosening. Check the Blender blade, liner is loose, regular adjustment of the clearance between the blade with a liner, the gap of about 6 mm. And subject to wear and, where appropriate, replace.