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Teaches you how to plan concrete mixing station

Elite Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

1. Raw materials: concrete concrete is finished the reprocessing process the raw material industry, sand and stone are major components of concrete products, so the concrete ready-mixed concrete in the layout of the station, you must consider the aggregate (sand, gravel) base near the locations.

2. Transportation factor: as the aggregate into the plant, throughput and large volume of concrete products, concrete factories must close to railway, highway (or water) to reduce long-range transport costs for goods.

3. Consumption: characteristics of ready-mixed concrete cannot be stored and must be watered as soon as possible. To this end, foreign commodity concrete concrete plants not more than 30 kilometres from the consumption centres, determination of the radius of the transport, is based on the transport time must be controlled before the initial setting of commodity concrete.

4. Environmental factors: because of ready-mixed concrete in the mixing process can produce a considerable amount of noise and dust, so it should not be built in the city.