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About 50 Concrete Mixing Station Valve Failure How To Solve

Elite Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

Valve fault: pressure is not high, or pressure rise very slowly. Pressure is not high, is often caused by the pressure regulating spring break or rupture of the diaphragm, must renew pressure rise slowly, usually caused by a clogged filter, should be removed to clean.

Line fault: pipe joints leak, hoses, condensation water clustering. Pipe joints leak and hose burst up out of the sound judgement of leakage of parts should be repaired or replaced if accumulate condensation in the pipes when the water should be drained away, and features a gas-condensate freezes in winter in the North blocked roads.

Compressed air treatment components (triplet) faults are: oil-water separator faults, pressure regulator and Lubricator failure. Failures are divided into oil-water separator, filter blocked, damaged, sewage valve moving parts moving parts is not flexible, and so on. Work in the regular cleaning of the filter element, remove the grease and impurities in sewage.