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JS Concrete Mixer Charging System Fault Diagnosis

Elite Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

Symptom 1

Made, when the location of hoppers up to TDC, discharge door should be opened under the design procedure, material feed hopper into the mixing drum. Meanwhile, limit switches, hoist will stop automatically. Stops the hopper in the TDC position. If the limit switch failure, winch will pull the hopper continued to rise, resulting in top. At this time, if not promptly shut down, more serious accidents will happen, the light that hopper and feeding damage, causing machine scrapped, and even casualties.

Fault diagnosis and repair

(1) switch damage limit switches with low and high two switches. Under normal conditions, low switch works, only low high switch will only work after the switch is damaged. Once discovered low switch is damaged must be replaced. In the General case, rely on high switching thresholds is not allowed, otherwise, high switching but damaged, made, accidents are inevitable.

(2) the moisture limit switch flooding, rain and damp, will get out of control, hoisting accident caused. In order to avoid moisture, limit switches should be added shields. Mixer at work places should be placed in a shed.