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Routine Security Checks Of Concrete Mixing Station

Elite Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

First, check the lubrication points on the work of the rotating parts, supplies lubricants.

Second, check the oil cup oil mixer, timely supplies lubricants.

Three, weekly checks the air Lubricator oil level height on the system, use the lubricant viscosity 2.5~70 e.

Four-day, open the drain valve, air compressor and air tank condense water drain.

Five fasteners (such as bolts and nuts) should always check for loose and found a loose, must be tightened, especially under variable amplitude loading parts.

Six, always check the water supply, gas supply and admixture system the device is functioning properly.

Seven, check the electrical control systems and instruments are normal.

Eight, check the concrete mixer stand mixer mixing shaft and cylinder are clean, if excessive condensation on the agitator shaft concrete and have to clean up.

Regularly clean or replace filter in the tank filter powder.

Ten, if the shutdown lasts more than a week or more, in various metering hopper must be empty of material (such as cement, water, additives and aggregates), and clean the mixer, Hopper, so as to avoid material to harden.